TWINKLE AND THE MOON is an interactive, theatrical play-based music and literacy experience for children aged 2 - 5 years.  

The show was originally commissioned by the First 5 Forever Program and Gold Coast City Libraries in April 2021 to encourage a love of reading and confidence in imaginative play.  

Snuggled into their blanket cubby house, Nadia and Twinkle always share a book together before nap time. Today they’re reading a book about a rocket ship! But...when the book is finished and it’s time for bed…Twinkle wants to play a game instead! 

Twinkle is convinced the moon is made of cheese and he wants to take a bite. With a little help from the ’magic nap sack', Twinkle and Nadia use the power of imagination to blast off on an adventure full of sing-a-long songs, make believe and fantastical storytelling.  

Join Twinkle in one small step for mouse-kind…and one giant leap of the imagination.  

Suitable for : 2 - 6 year olds 

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes

Set design and construction: Josh McIntosh

Original songs: Nadia Sunde

Music recorded and mastered: Michael Fix 


Nadia’s newest book ’Twinkle Just Won’t Go To Bed’ is due for release in late November 2021.  

ABOUT THE SHOW ... from Nadia xo

Twinkle and the Moon is a 30minute engagement that begins with Nadia reading a story about rocket ships to Twinkle her toy mouse inside their blanket cubby house. During this part of the engagement literacy and language messages are shared in a joyful, musical and fun way. 

Nadia always reads Twinkle a book before his nap time…but Twinkle doesn’t want to go to bed…he wants to play a game instead! 

Nadia turns to the trusty magic ’nap sack’ to see if it has any games they can play before bed. The ‘nap sack’ has magic numbered pockets. Inside Number 1 she finds a toy rocket! (A rocket pocket). Whoosh!!! There’s a fun song for this section. 

Inside pocket Number 2 they discover a ‘ticket to the moon’. Nadia and Twinkle have always wanted to visit the moon, particularly Twinkle who thinks the moon is made of cheese and wants to take a bite! But how are they going to get there? 

Fortunately for Nadia and Twinkle the nap sack is carrying two jetpacks and two sets of goggles. Off they embark on an imaginary adventure to the moon!!! 

When they get there they discover all sorts of interesting things…including ‘moon cheese’ and a ‘banango tree’! Twinkle and Nadia have a picnic on the moon with their new friends. Finally they make it back to Earth full of banangos, moon cheese and happy adventures. 

But! Twinkle still won’t go to bed! He’s missing something that helps him get to sleep. When they check in pocket Number 3 of the nap sack they find Twinkle’s teddy bear ‘Luna’. Now…he can finally snuggle in and go to bed. 

Twinkle gets tucked inside his picnic basket bed and Nadia sings him a lullaby with help from the audience. 

At the close of the show children are invited to come and find a library book (from the bookcases in the stage set) to read with their grownups while Twinkle has a nap.