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Once upon a time there was a little girl who discovered her colourful imagination… 

Join acclaimed writer, performer and comedienne Nadia Sunde as she takes a journey into the world of her wild imagination. Learn how to speak in ’Nadia-nese’, what to do when your imagination is playing a trick on you and what to ‘feed’ your imagination to grow it strong. Nadia shares stories from her own childhood as she demonstrates the structure of a good story and engages students in a collaborative storytelling adventure of their own. 

This workshop will involve laughter, a guitar, songwriting, silly voices, storytelling, dramatic play, giggling, puppets and a fluffy teapot. Students are guaranteed to leave the workshop full of creative ideas, bubbling conversation and stories to share. 

SUITABLE FOR: Years 1 - 6 

DURATION: 45 - 60mins 



  • The power of imagination and play 
  • How to be the ‘boss’ of your wild imagination 
  • The structure of a good story 
  • Connection and collaboration with peers 
  • Focussed listening 
  • Music 
  • Drama 
  • Nurturing student’s self-identity as confident, active and involved learners 


Literacy - Listening and speaking interactions 
Literature - Experimentation and adaptation 
The Arts - drama, dance and music. 


TESTIMONIAL FOR: My imagination runs wild! 

Nadia’s sessions with our students were amazing! She catered to the three different age groups beautifully, with each group being thoroughly entertained. Not only were they entertained with theatre, song and hilarity, the students were managed in a way that meant there were no issues with behaviour. She set clear expectations and then off she went on a marvellous adventure of storytelling and humour. I have never seen our students as engaged and happy as they were during Nadia’s presentation. - Whites Hill State College, 2019. 


SING ME A STORY - Years 3 - 6  

Brainstorms, rhythm, rhyme, mash-ups, character, emotion, action, story! All elements of a great song. A multi-award winning songwriter, Nadia takes students on a songwriting adventure and offers them the lead.  

Nadia records herself and the children singing their ‘finished’ masterpiece and emails it straight to their teacher to enjoy and review with their class.  

In every workshop with Nadia you can be sure there will be singing, drama, musical instruments, storytelling, movement and lots of laughter! She believes that the best way to nurture a child’s spirit and sense of self is to laugh and engage joyfully with them. This understanding and the unique ability to create comedy and music collaboratively endears her to audiences of all ages.  

SUITABLE FOR: Years 3 - 6  

DURATION: 60mins  



  • The craft of poetry, lyric and song writing  
  • How good songs tell a story  
  • Characterisation  
  • Failing - flailing - flying! How mistakes and failures are really successes in disguise  
  • Connection and collaboration with peers  
  • Nurturing student's self-identity as confident, active and involved learners  
  • Music - rhythm, rhyme, singing, instrumentation  


Literacy - Listening and speaking interactions / comprehension strategies  
Literature - Experimentation and adaptation / evaluating texts / features of literary texts / language devices in literary texts / creating literary texts  
The Arts - music, drama.  


TESTIMONIAL FOR: Sing me a story  

It’s not an easy task to stimulate engagement and creativity in teaching students to love POETRY but Nadia was brilliant. Her power in truly connecting with a young audience was MAGICAL! - Currumbin State School, 2019